About US

Platinum Design Services came into being when a bunch of marketing specialists, animators, and logo designers got together with a view to combining their unique talents and experiences to cater to the branding and marketing needs of small businesses. Our team averages over 25 years of industry experience and has observed the birth and evolution of digital marketing and logo design first-hand.

As professionals that often worked with brand and marketing agencies ourselves, we’ve been in the shoes of customers. We know quite well the importance of good customer service and how frustrating it can be when the help of experts that you’ve just hired fails to deliver the desired results. The brilliant minds within our core execution team, based in Orlando, US, work tirelessly to ensure that every service we deliver is up to the expected mark. Not only that, we’ve structured our teams in a way so that someone is always available to help with your business’s design, development, and marketing needs. This is why we also have a back office in Pakistan working in support of our US headquarters in order to smoothen service responsiveness for all clients.

We put our customers at the center of everything that we do, offering competitive pricing for all our packages because small businesses deserve the best services and expertise even with their less flexible budget. For these reasons, Platinum Design Services is more than just a logo development and marketing agency; we’re committed to playing our small part in addressing the economic disparities of society by helping small businesses meet their objectives with flair.