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Dominate your niche and outrank your competitors on SERPs with perfectly optimized webpages. We deploy both traditional and AI-based tools to identify the right keywords that are targeted in perfect unison with user search intent. Our team of SEO specialists is always on the top of the latest core search engine updates and know exactly what’s needed to rank your website on the top to attain exponential increases in traffic, impressions, clicks, and ultimately, sales.

As competition increases in online niches and Google gets stricter with SEO guidelines, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain rankings. Our optimization strategy for search caters to not just search engine crawlers but also to positive user experience. This is why we follow a multi-faceted and holistic SEO approach to boost your rankings, moving the needle towards higher traffic, conversions, and lower bounce rate.


Foundational SEO Package

$ 1,699 only
  • Business & Goal(s) Understanding
  • Keyword(s) Research
  • Technical Audit and Suggestions of Fixes
  • Analytics Implementation and Call Tracking
  • Schema Markup Implementation
  • On-Page SEO Suggestions & Implementation
  • Local Business Listings and NAP Audit
  • 4-6 Contextual Links Redirecting Traffic
  • 2-3 Profile Links Building/Month
  • Monthly Report

Core SEO Package

$ 2,499 only
  • Business & Goal(s) Understanding
  • Keyword(s) Research
  • Technical Audit and Fixes
  • Analytics Implementation and Call Tracking
  • On-Page SEO Suggestions & Implementation
  • Schema Markup Implementation
  • Local Business Listings and NAP Audit
  • 2-3 Internal Blog Posts/Month
  • 6-8 Contextual Links/Month
  • 2-3 Profile Links/Month
  • Monthly Ranking Report
  • Monthly Performance Report
  • Next Month’s Plan of Action

E-commerce SEO Package

$ 3,599 only
  • Includes All Core SEO Features
  • Persona Research and CRO Fixes
  • A/B Testing (if required)
  • AMP Pages
  • 10-12 Contextual Links/Month
  • Events-Based Campaigns
  • E-commerce Analytics and Call Tracking
  • Social and PR Campaign Suggestions
  • Email Marketing Suggestions

Link Building

This is the backbone of affordable SEO services for small business. We evaluate your website’s link profile to determine:

  • The number of backlinks and
  • The quality of said backlinks.

Our powerful link-building process consist of three steps: outreach, content creation, and link acquisition. We target some of the best blogs and publications on the web that are relevant to your industry and have the authority to pass link juice to really drive up your rankings.

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This is where we find out how effective your site is at attracting traffic, and find areas for improvement in small business SEO. Our experts carry out a wide-ranging website analysis to learn more about technical issues like site speed, schema markup, broken links, and redirection errors. Next, we get right down to work to fix these issues and make your website fee of errors, making it easier for crawlers to read and understand your content. Once we’re finished fixing up your website for SEO, you’ll start seeing immediate improvements in your keyword rankings on SERPs.

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