5 Best Software for Whiteboard Animation

March 09 2021

As the world changed and evolved, so did people’s preferences. The modes of engaging the audience have changed. Don’t we all love those whiteboard animations on YouTube? Not only are they informative but they are quite engaging and get you hooked in no time.

Not only do these add life to the monotonous presentations, there are a number of ways these animations can be used. There are no limitations to the use of whiteboard animations as they are being widely used across different industries, with one purpose: To Engage the Audience!

But creating these whiteboard animations require creativity and they are not as easy to create as it may appear. There are different software to create those engaging whiteboard animations. Here we are going to talk about the 5 best software for whiteboard animation! So let’s dig in and find out the best ones out there.

Which is the best whiteboard animation software?

  1. VideoScribe
  2. Explaindio
  3. GoAnimate
  4. Doodly
  5. AdobeAnimateCC

1. VideoScribe

VideoScribe is one of the most renowned and used software for creating whiteboard animations. It can easily be used by a newbie. After going through quick instructions on the website, you will be able to create whiteboard animation on your own.

The software allows you to select pictures, add background music and type the text you want to add. After completing these steps, the rest is taken care of by the software itself. It is as simple as that.

This software comes at a reasonable price. The best part is that you can subscribe to its services for as low as $6.50/month or $75/year. And then you can create as much whiteboard animated videos as you can. VideoScribe lets you unsubscribe from its services whenever you feel like it.

The most important features offered by VideoScribe are drop and convenient dragging. The quick access to music libraries and hundreds of images is another plus. It has countless other features which are suited for educators and corporates across the globe.

What’s more is that VideoScribe provides you with 24/7 customer care and it has its own community of experts who are ready to help you whenever you want. 

You can run a free trail of VideoScribe before actually deciding to buy it.

2. Explaindio

Explaindio has millions of users around the world and for all the right reasons. It’s compatible with Windows as well as Mac which makes it one of the best whiteboard animation software. To use this software you don’t need to have any professional expertise, it’s simple to use and comes with instructions to create the whiteboard animations.

One of Explaindio’s best features is the option of creating animations in 2D and 3D. You can choose from either of the options and create professional whiteboard animations. It has a variety of whiteboard sketch components and full motion video.

Explaindio has a feature packed interface with the option to make HD videos. You can select a theme of your own choice or you can create one on your own. Not only is this but the software also allows you to bring audios or images from outside sources. This feature alone expands the window of creativity for the users.

With numerous options to customise your creative videos, Explaindio is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

3. GoAnimate

Are you the type of a person who looks to get things done in record but do not want to compromise on quality as well? If the answer is yes then GoAnimate is the right choice for you. This whiteboard animation software lets you create dynamic animation videos in a matter of minutes.

GoAnimate’s library has thousands of templates to choose from with multiple audios you can put in the background. If you are specifically looking to create learning and training animated videos then look no further! GoAnimate can help in creating interactive and engaging videos, the results are actually pretty good.

Corporations have been using this software to make whiteboard animations to communicate within their companies. The software has vast possibilities, it has the most diversified set of users ranging from educators, to small business owners to enterprises.

You can get a free trial at GoAnimate whilst the monthly subscription starts from $39/month. You can choose to discontinue your membership whenever you like.

4. Doodly

It is nearly impossible to mention some of the best whiteboard animation software and not include Doodly in the list. The distinctive feature of this whiteboard animation software is that it can be used by even newbies with total ease.

Doodly is a primary software in whiteboard animation and therefore you do not require any particular expertise to create animation via Doodly. If you know your way around a PC or Laptop, you can easily use this software. It lets you create animation in high quality and record time.

So if you choose Doodly, you won’t just be creating some super quality doodles, you will also be saving time.

The software claims that it’s easy to use features and thus does not require any professional expertise for the user to make good use of it. So if you want to create whiteboard animation with ease on your own, Doodly can be the right choice for you.

This software is available at as low as $39 per month. You can run a free trail before actually deciding to pay for it.

5. AdobeAnimateCC

When it comes to online tools of creativity and quality, Adobe does not need any introduction. The AdobeAnimateCC is a software with vast features to create new age animations. The idea is to let user create interactive vector and bitmap based animations.

The possibilities with AdobeAnimateCC are unlimited. You can bring life to the boring old school infographics and tutorials by inserting action into them.

The software is user friendly and allows you to publish your work of art on several different platforms. The best part is that it is available on desktop and mobile. So you can use it as per your own convenience and ease.

Besides letting you create some amazing whiteboard animation, AdobeAnimateCC also lets you create life-like sketches with its “tilt-sensitive” and “pressure” vectors. The software is available for the price as low as $19/month.

Is there any free whiteboard animation software?

There are no totally free whiteboard animation software. At best, you’ll be given a limited free trial period of the software, after the expiration of which you’ll only be able to continue use of the software if you purchase it.

How do you animate a whiteboard?

Modern software tools make it super easy for users to animate a whiteboard through pre-made animation effects, transitions, and a variety of other details to make your animation a sight to see!

Animation Tools vs Expert-made animations

Whilst it is fun to use these amazing whiteboard animation software to create interactive animations, there is always an option to hire a professional to create one for you. If you do not want to go through the hassle of creating your own whiteboard animation, there are professionals to help you with your animated videos.

However, given the fact that these software are easy to use not to mention you can bring in your own creativity, why not give it a try? Isn’t it always fun trying something new and creating things on your own?