Why Business Card Logo Design Matters

March 08 2021

Have you ever wondered why businesses invest so much time and money into creating a business card logo? Perhaps, the simplest answer to this question would be because the business cards speak for the business and are likely to leave an impression.

However, this is not just it. A business card logo design lets people in on what you are doing. And this is why business owners spend a lot of time in perfecting a steady flow of design when it comes to business card logo design.

Here we’re going to present a number of reasons why you should ALWAYS be more attentive towards designing your business card logo.

The Statistics of Why Design Matters?

If you are someone who likes to compare numbers and gets instantly motivated by values and graphs, then this point is very likely to convince you of the importance of card logo design.

The Design Council, in the year 2015 studied 63 portfolios of companies trading at Financial Time Stock Exchange (FTSE). The study involved studying the portfolios of the companies over the spa of 10 years. The results showed that the companies who paid more attention to their designs were more successful in comparison with those who did not pay much attention to the design.

The companies more attentive towards the design outdid themselves by the index of 200%. In simplest terms, every £100 spent by the companies on design increased their turnover by £225.

Good Design Equals Strong Consumer Trust

For people who have your business card as a first encounter of your business, it is going to leave an impression on them. And how do you leave a good impression on them? A brilliant logo design!

A study conducted by a bunch of graphic designer students concluded that badly designed business card logos are not well perceived by consumers. Usually, they are instantly rejected and often people do not trust businesses with poor business card logo designs.

A Good Business Card Logo Design can Change Customer’s Perception

A good design creates the perception of your brand in the customer’s mind and acts as a sign of commitment of quality to your customers. Whereas, a poor design may convey to the customer that you are inexperienced or worse, they may perceive that you are not interested in delivery quality!

Don’t forget that the logo design acts as the face of your business!

Good Design ensures Good Business

 A good logo design will ensure good business. But how can you achieve it? We recommend you conduct market research and know your audience.

When you know who you are targeting, it will reflect in your business card logo design. Conducting a thorough research can provide major inputs in making a custom design for your business card. This way when your customer holds the card, he will know that you are addressing him. 

A Design is more than just Graphics and Display

One of the most common misconceptions about logo design is that it is solely about image, communication or the product look. The reality is far from it. A good design does not mean putting up a fancy display. A good designer will always give more priority to how the design works as compared to how it looks.

This does not mean that the look of the logo design is any less important. It simply means that the “designer” and “communicator” can be synonymized.  A designer is not there just to give you a pretty business card. He will take into consideration your company and what you are offering. Your business card logo design will reflect and communicate all of it.

Let them experience your Design

You all must have heard the popular saying, “Good Design is Invisible”. This saying boils down to the idea that a design must be experienced instead of being noticed.

We all have been in situations where we have noticed a logo design for all the wrong reasons- too vibrant colors, pixelated images, hard to follow information and text which is not readable.

So when you are trying to get your business card logo noticed, you might want to refrain from doing such mistakes. When you design a great piece, it is easy on the eyes and your customers will consume it with pleasure.