5 Ways to Brand Yourself with Animated Logos for Christmas

December 03 2020

It’s Christmas season, the time of the year when companies amp up their branding and marketing efforts to attract the maximum number of customers. There are a myriad of ways you can create hype for the season, but if you aim to refashion your branding in a way that captures the vibe of the holiday season without being too flashy, animating your logo with effects appropriate for the occasion is a powerful way to prepare your audiences for something special.

Animated logos are a great example of a trend that might seem insignificant at first but can end up making a huge difference. Currently, Christmas is coming up so that is what all brands are focusing on and for a lot of businesses, it is the busiest time of the year. Making a lasting impression on your existing and potential customers and hyping your special Christmas offers with an animated logo can play a key role in boosting your brand awareness, reach, ultimately leading to a successful and profitable holiday season.

So how can you brand yourself creatively with animated logos this Christmas? Here are 5 ideas if you’re looking for easy yet effective ways to utilize animated logos:

Social Media

Social media has impacted our lives in a way that no one would have imagined ten or fifteen years ago. As a visual-heavy platform which is incredibly versatile in how it is used, social media is utilized for many different things ranging from daily updates and news to buying different items for yourself.

Visual media on social platforms have become extremely common lately, owing to the higher user-engagement these generally bring. Adding an animated logo at the end of your social media video ads, for instance, can work wonders for your brand and leave a lasting impact on your viewers. Viewers like to be up-to-date with current events and latest trends. Focusing on hot topics and aligning your market strategy with these is proven way of boosting engagement.

In the light of Christmas season, you can easily add a logo within your social media videos and animate it with Christmas-themed effects such as snowfall, Santa Claus, bells, conifers and everything in between.

Website Homepage

Your website is the first place where your animated logo should appear. It is not only a welcoming sight for existing visitors but also proves to be an appealing element for new customers. With the holiday season right around the corner, now is the perfect time to add some Christmas-inspired animations to your logo.

When visitors see your branding aligned with Christmas, they’re naturally going to expect that your company is currently offering special deals, discounts, coupons, giveaways (depending on your chosen strategy). As such, even before a potential visitor has opened your product or service landing page, or seen any banners promoting your deals, they’re already going to expect to be pleasantly surprised by you, increasing the chances of conversions. 

Email Signatures

Signatures are heavily used in B2B businesses and are often the main method of communication. These emails generally follow a template which has the name, job title, static logo and maybe the company’s slogan. These are usually the same every time around.

An animated logo can breathe life into a stale email and make it look much more appealing to the eye. With Christmas fast approaching, there is going to be a lot of buying and selling going on. Adding an animated logo to your emails might allow you to make a much bigger impact on your customers, and create hype about your special offering for the occasion.

Be careful with the kind of animations you use for the email signature, though. You don’t want to appear corny and too flash with colors bleeding out of your email. Keep the animations simple, short, and modest.

Advertising Banners

A lot of people ignore banners because they are so used to coming across them without ever seeing anything new. This is the perfect opportunity to capitalize on banners by adding an animated logo to these, which is much more eye-catching.

The banner and logo can also be redesigned to be in accordance with the current Christmas theme as this is always popular with customers. Not only does it show your brand’s commitment but also allows you to spread your creative wings and come up with new ideas to extend and reinforce brand awareness.

Intros and Outros to Branded Videos

The amount of video content that is consumed on a daily basis is bound to go even higher during the holidays. Focusing on video content is integral to moving forward in the digital space. This time of the year sees an increase in the consumption of video content and taking advantage of that, you can add your animated logos to differentiate from other brands who might be offering similar services.

A well-designed animated logo can be placed at the intro or the outro of your video. Ending the video with your logo on the screen ensures that your customers remember who you are and encourages them to take the next step.

Finishing up

Animating your logos is a great way to attune your branding to any given sales event such as Christmas. It is cost-effective and can be utilized across all marketing channels your company is focusing on including your website, social media pages, emails, and YouTube channel. So if you want to become instantly recognizable for your audience and create hype for upcoming sales, consider getting your logos animated and add a touch of innovative flavor to your branding this Christmas!