Explainer Video Animations

February 16 2021

Five Steps for Creating A Successful Explainer Video

Having to find the right way to advertise a new product or spread knowledge about a pre-existing one can be quite difficult at times. But there is an incredibly effective way of informing your audience about your product: explainer videos.

Explainer video is one of the tools that have gotten insanely popular in recent years. An explainer video is quite precise in providing the right details to your audience about what kinds of products or services you are offering. It is usually about 60-90 seconds long and has proven to be highly effective.

The whole process can seem quite overwhelming, but you must know what to include or how to deliver exactly what you have in mind. So here are a few pointers on what steps can be taken to create a perfectly successful explainer video which is easily understandable to everyone, including any beginners.

  1. Get Started with the Script

The most important thing in an explainer video is what is going to be said or exactly how is the content going to be delivered, which is where the script comes in. Having a well-written script is necessary to have a successful video.

You have to be creative as well as concise with it since explainer videos are meant to be short and between 1.5 to 5 minutes. Try to come up with content which is relevant to what your product or service is about and don’t go off track, since your motive is to catch the viewer’s attention as soon as possible.

What you really want to do here is sit down and think. Jot everything that comes to mind and then organize your written pointers in a smooth structure. It can help if you get a fresh opinion from someone else who can help in explaining it better to the audience.

  • Less is More

When trying to create an explainer video, keep one thing in mind: keep it simple. Trying to make it into something that it is not will only take up more of your time, which is something that you cannot afford.

In the first 15-20 seconds, explain the difficulty that the customers might be facing – the pain points – and then present your service or product as an answer to their problems in the next 5-10 seconds. Explaining it in a few words should be the next step. Then end it on a perfect note.

You can quite easily apply the rule of ‘less is more’ here because sometimes, it’s what the audience is looking for. Everything is being presented to the people all fancy and shiny these days when you can actually get them hooked by applying a simpler approach.

  • Characterize the Video

Once you’ve cleared the script step, then comes the point to add some character to it (literally). You might want to show a clear illustration of the customer and the way they come in contact with your product, or how they can put it to better use, again using the same problem-and solution method mentioned above.

  • Focus on the Advantages

While explaining the features of your products is just fine but you can earn those extra brownie points by elaborating on the benefits rather than the features themselves.

It can come in quite handy if you can give examples too like how your product has a high-quality camera through which the customers can take pictures of themselves and their loved ones.

  • Brand It Up

Once you’ve got all the material needed to make a good successful explainer video, remember to add the color tones of your brand in order to personalize the video and giving it an immaculate look.

Including other minimal details of your brand in the video can spread a great deal of awareness about your other products and your company as a whole. Such a video has a lot of chances of promoting your offerings in the right manner and can very easily get the customer hooked to your brand.

For your next explainer video, keep these points in mind. Your audience is definitely going to be pleased with your foray into the world of insightful explainers.