Fanta Reveals New Logo and Bottle Design

October 16 2020

The name Fanta requires no introduction. It is a brand which is easily recognizable all over the globe. The soft drink brand has come a very long way since its inception and initial production during WWII.

Fanta was introduced within a limited European market where it was supposed to serve as a substitute for its much popular counterpart, Coke.

But Fanta soon became a favorite soft drink for the masses, and eventually became one of the most sough-after brands produced by Coca-Cola Inc.

The Color Orange

Fanta has a unique feature that sets it apart from a wide range of similar products: its orange color. This is not all. Fanta has a very different taste when compared to other soft drinks. However, it is the design of the Fanta bottle that really does the trick.

Another great thing about Fanta is that it has always strived for the better – not really stopping at a point throughout its entire life.

People who run Fanta know the importance of logos, symbols and eye-catchers. This is the reason why Fanta has come up yet again with a great new logo as well as a novel bottle design. The design of the bottle is developed with a view to grab the attention of the looker immediately.

The logo is no different. It is funky, trendy and a lot of fun. The fact is that fans of orange drink are pleasantly surprised to see their beloved Fanta coming along with such refreshing twist. There has also been a slight change in taste but the overall ambience of the drink remains the same.

Fanta’s Leap of Faith – The New Logo

The change in the Fanta logo is much more than a cosmetic amendment. The Fanta team took it from the origins and turned around the entire text. Now it is a comparatively bigger and bolder.

The smiley face is another addition that has scored some very good points with fans. The way Fanta’s “A” smiles at people renders it much more fun than before. This is not all. There have been some very subtle changes in the color scheme. They are brighter and more enticing. The bright version suggests that Fanta is not only capturing the imagination of the youth, it is also seeking to lure the energetic segment of the older generation.

It is obvious that the new logo and design were not created on the spur of the moment. Rather, a lot of time and creative effort was out into the whole process in order to finally come up with a product that is simply perfect.

The Final Word

Fanta is a world-wide brand that is preceded in popularity only by Coca-Cola. It is available all over the world in many different flavors. There is a catch to the Fanta logo. It breaks the tradition and enhances the brand value of the drink.

The new logo and bottle is way beyond the original idea. Fanta has broken from the past and ventured into new horizons.

The new logo attracts and entices the younger consumer while remaining true to its origin so that the old ones can also relate to it. But most importantly, it is something that compels a prospective buyer to grab a drink when he sees it on a shelf.