Top Logo & Graphic Design Trends to Lookout For in 2021

January 10 2021

Who doesn’t love a great logo, right? As the digital industry is evolving so rapidly with the passing days, it is crucial for every business to keep their branding updated. A logo is the representation of your business and it should not only be aesthetically beautiful but also should give your brand a strong identity.

When upgrading your logo, make sure to follow those trends which best fit your current logo and your business. To stand out you need to incorporate these trends into your logo in a very subtle yet beautiful way.

New logo trends are invented to challenge the design industry, making sure that logo designers develop and innovate their work to serve the businesses better. A trend which has been highly recommended and followed in 2020 may hold the same importance also in 2021 but we are also noticing new trends arise and you need to be aware of them. Let’s list below all the latest top logo designs trends for 2021!

1. Monochromes

Monochromatic designs are very distinct and can visually stand out. It uses a palette of similar shades rather than using multiple color schemes. Single-colored and monochromatic logos are adaptable and flexible because these will not lose their visibility when placed on any background color. This trend can be adapted by any brand or business if the right choice of color is made.

Simple designs are more eye-catching when combined with vibrant multi-hued color palettes and gradients even though adding such colors will limit their functionality. Once these vibrant colors are removed, the logo becomes bland. However, in recent years, a lot of well-known businesses, be it multinationals or medium-sized, have simplified their color palettes to a single tone or monochromatic to great effect.

2. Minimalism

Reinventing minimalism in logos has proved beneficial not just for the businesses but also for the customers. Wondering how? You must have encountered while scrolling through the internet several logos which either have too many colors or are too complex to remember. A logo should be designed to remember. That should be your aim.

Customers do not have the time to spend even minutes to try and recognize the logo of a particular brand. Most users interact via their mobile phones and unless your logo has clear graphics and easy readability, they’re not going to stick around and strain their eyes trying to understand your message.

The use of thin lines and san-serif fonts in your logo is popular among minimalist designers, as these elements give logos a simple yet impressive appeal.  Your logo should be easy to identify and legible. Some iconic fonts such as Helvetica, Arial, and Poppins are perfect for developing a unique yet distinct font.

3. Hand-Sketched Designs

2021 logo design trends will reinvent the concept of drawing the sketches by hand. Since the beginning of the digital age, most logo designs were based on vectors for accuracy resulting in numerous logos turning out very similar to each other.

On the other hand, hand drawn are not perfectly symmetrical nor perfect, but these imperfections are what give them a distinctive look. To portray your brand as authentic, hand drawn logos are the perfect solution.

4. Fragmented Style

How does your brain react to word riddles? You try to look more closely to figure out the missing letters. Thousands of possibilities pop up in your head to solve the riddle, tempting you to spend more time and effort on it.

Many brands are applying the same strategy on their logo designs. When you add broken lines or unfinished letters to your logo it creates a visual riddle for your audience. The key here is not to go overboard with it because your logo should still be easy to understand and recognizable.

5. Composition

Negative space gives your logo the depth it needs to be recognized as a multi-layered emblem. Depending on your logo, creativity and the personality of your brand, negative spacing can do wonders by taking many forms. It helps incorporate additional meaning to your logo which is a fantastic way to grab your audience’s attention.

Walking past a logo with a negative space riddle makes it impossible for the passerby not to stop and wonder the hidden meaning behind it. Most logo designers tend to stick to the basic rules of the perfect composition.

But what’s the fun if the rules are not broken? Breaking the rules doesn’t necessarily mean going completely off -rack but to choose any one element of your logo which needs to be focused and let it speak for your business. For example, if your logo has your business name in it, you may choose the first letter and enlarge it to draw attention while making the rest of the text smaller.

For businesses, 2021 design trends are an opportunity for rebranding. These trends cover a lot of ground from minimalism to impressionism, deploying perspective techniques and other design experiments. Just remember not to get carried away by these trends and always let your brand’s inherent personality and character serve as the primary guidance for your unique logo. And while you’re at it, you can sprinkle a few elements taken from current design trends to add the touch of modernity that is the mark of all successful brands in the contemporary age.